Story #1: “In Sickness & In Health” – Kim & Clayton Meyer

Today, we are so excited to share part of Kim and Clayton’s story with you. They have married for 15.5 years and they are sharing how they have lived out the vow “In Sickness and In Health” everyday of their marriage.

2 ½  years into our marriage, Kim fell off a Stairmaster and broke her foot. A simple fracture that snowballed into 11 surgeries and living the past 12 ½ years with severe chronic nerve pain. 

When we stood at the altar reciting our wedding vows, we had no way of knowing that we would have to live out our promise to love and care for each other, in sickness and in health, beginning at 22 years old.

The only reason we have been able to live out our wedding vows every day is because of God’s grace. God continues to give Clayton the love and compassion to care for me, while God gives me the strength and determination I need to endure my pain with a smile, instead of a complaining heart.

2 Corinthians 12:9-10 encourages us to lean on God during the hard days because He promises to give us the grace we need, to love each other with a sacrificial heart, even when we don’t feel like it.

Living out our wedding vows every day is not easy, but it is always worth it! Marriage is beautiful and one of life’s greatest blessings, but it is also hard work, requiring a deep commitment to love your spouse more than yourself even when our feelings say otherwise. Falling in love was the easy part; staying in love is a life-long pursuit.

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