Story #2: “For Better, For Worse” – Will & Lara Ciston

Today, we are so excited to share part of Will and Lara’s story. They have been married for 17 years and have lived out their vows daily. Today they are sharing how the specifically lived out the vow “For Better, For Worse” in their marriage:

Six and a half years ago my husband confessed to an addiction to pornography that led to multiple affairs. In an instant I was faced with a situation I NEVER thought I’d be facing. At first, I was angry, disappointed, afraid, disgusted, confused… we’d been married for 11 years, how did I miss this?! I had a choice to make, do I fight for my marriage, my husband, my boys, or do I just leave? I made a vow, “for better or for worse” and this sure felt like THE WORST, but I also knew that biblically this was grounds for divorce. The Holy Spirit began working immediately in my heart, reminding me of a women’s event a few months prior where the topic just happened to be forgiveness. I knew that while this was grounds for divorce, this was also an opportunity to pour out forgiveness and compassion like never before. So that is what I chose. 

Through intense counseling, seeking God apart and together, mentors, friends, our LifeGroup supporting us, we can honestly say, what the enemy meant for evil God is using for good. Our marriage is, while not perfect, so much better and richer than it was because we chose to live out our vows. It has taken a LOT of hard work and surrender on both me and my husband, but by God’s grace and because we chose to fight, we are leaving a much different legacy for our boys than if we would have just quit. 

There are still days that are a fight, but marriage is worth fighting for every single day.