Story #3: “For Better, For Worse” – Micah & Tiffany Miller

Today, we are so excited to share part of Micah and Tiffany’s story with you. They have been married to each other two different times and have an incredible, redeeming story. They are sharing how even through the difficult times, and even through a divorce, they lived out the vow “For Better, For Worse”: 

We are Micah and Tiffany Miller and we are happily married to each other for the second time. We first married in 2010 as two naive, overly confident young people who felt certain we could survive off the habits we learned from our parents. Little did we know that our reluctance to fully submit to one another and to Christ would ultimately lead to an incredibly expensive divorce. The time that followed our divorce was ridden with stubbornness, pride, anger and frustration and yet somehow in the midst of it all was God’s ever present pursuit of our hearts. 

See, we both knew that our marriage was never supposed to “end.” It took some time but we both recognized that we each had our own contributions to our dysfunction. Despite the court order, we knew that no paper held authority over our God, yet we let pride continue to intervene until we both came to the place where we were ready to submit. It was then that I (Tiffany) packed my bags and moved myself and our daughter to OKC to be closer to Micah, holding on to hope that God continued to pour over me. Once I arrived, I saw God soften Micah’s heart and his mind, and the man who once referred to counseling as something I could do by myself if I had problems, was calling me with a time and date to sit down on the couch with a complete stranger in hopes that we could move forward together! 

Now, here we are. It took lots of prayer, lots of patience, and lots of faith but God made new what was broken. Our mess of a marriage now serves as a ministry to our friends, family and the occasional stranger that finds themselves ready to throw in the towel. We have a beautiful 6 year old daughter, a 8 month old son who doctors told me would never happen, and we are finalizing adoption on our 3rd child this week! We take seriously the opportunity we have been given to have our family back together and live out our lives pursuing the marriage God intended for us to have!