Story #8: “In Sickness and In Health- Robert & Cara Wright

Today, we are so excited to share Robert and Cara’s story with you. They are such an inspiring couple that have had a few challenges in their marriage but the way they serve each other and take care of other is incredible. Here is their story: •

16 years old, we were high school sweethearts and couldn’t have been more in love. Our life circumstances were hard, but that just made us pull closer together in our faith in Christ & fall deeper in love. We got married at 20 and decided to take on the world together side by side. We were dreaming of growing old together, raising children and travelling the world hand in hand. There was nothing that could separate us, no challenge too big…until our 8th year of marriage. •

Cara’s health had been slipping over the past couple of years and we found out that she had some problems that affected her ovaries. Though it was heartbreaking, we knew we could get through. As more time passed, the news kept getting worse. Her body started to quickly deteriorate & literally falling apart. •

After being told that Cara had a progressive disease & she wouldn’t live long, our world stopped. I forgot how to breathe & all of the sudden our marriage was put on hold. Cara went through a series of major surgeries and medical procedures. We did not go a single month without something major happening for 6 years. We no longer knew what it meant to live, we forgot how to feel and didn’t remember how it felt when we first got married. All we understood was how to survive. •

After the surgeries started to slow down, a close friend recommended us to a counselor. She walked us through how to close the door on a broken past & how to accept the present in order to help us shape the future we wanted together. We learned how to communicate once again as a couple. Together with these tools, our Church community and a whole lot of Jesus, we started to pull ourselves out of this hole. •  #love #marriage

Marriage is hard enough without a pile of unfair physical limitations on it, but life’s circumstances are what you make of them. Our rules of engagement have changed, we can’t do the things that most couples can do. Most times, Cara still cannot stand up or sit in a chair very long, but this has caused us to be more intentional with our time. We pursue each other’s hearts fervently despite our obstacles.

Not that we don’t have our differences, but we hardly ever fight. we Have seen what life could look like without each other. We’ve learned to listen and to give grace to each other. We start communicating way before an issue becomes a fight and we have allowed ourselves to be vulnerable together. The most important thing we learned through all of this is to protect each other’s vulnerability. We don’t react by being quickly offended or angry anymore. We both know that we don’t want to hurt each other, so instead we listen and try to find a common solution. Out life circumstances have not gotten much easier, but our marriage has grown deeper than it ever had been. We are truly best friends, we intentionally work hard at it and are truly grateful for what we have!