Engaged Event

Couples spend anywhere from four to 18 months planning their wedding. They spend time meeting with vendors, choosing centerpieces, tasting cake and more. Those details are important and they matter. But there is something that matters even more: the marriage.

Amanda Taylor, the owner of Embellished Weddings, has spent 10 years planning gorgeous and meaningful weddings. She loves all of the details as much as her brides do, but more than all of that, she loves the meaning of marriage. A couple’s wedding vows are not a phrase to say once and then just hope for the best. These vows are meant to be lived out daily. In sickness and in health. For better or for worse.

Amanda and her husband, Colby, are passionate about marriage and mentoring engaged couples. They want to see the divorce rate lowered as they help couples lay a solid foundation for how to have a marriage that lasts.

That’s why Colby and Amanda have partnered with marriage expert, Dr. Kim Kimberling, president and co-founder of Awesome Marriage. Awesome Marriage exists to tell people about God’s amazing plan for marriage and to equip couples to have the marriage God has designed especially for them He has been married for over 40 years and holds a Ph.D and Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling. He also holds Masters Degrees in Christian Ministry and Theological Studies, and a Bachelors of Business Administration.

The Engaged Event exists to help couples plan a marriage more beautiful than their wedding. Through this one-day event on January 20, 2018, Dr. Kim will share practical steps on how to build a solid foundation for marriage. He will be speaking on several topics that every engaged couple needs to discuss together before their wedding: Finances, communication, sex, conflict resolution, spiritual relationship, family background, and more. There will also be a panel of other married couples sharing their stories and advice on marriage.

Since this is a form of premarital counseling, if you attend this event you will get a certificate that shows you have completed pre-marital counseling. A marriage license costs $50 in Oklahoma. When you complete pre-marital counseling, your marriage license only costs $5.00. That’s why we have intentionally priced this event at $45 per couple, so you are not spending any extra money!

The space for this event is limited. We recommend registering early to ensure you have a spot.

We are so excited for this event and look forward to getting to know some amazing couples that want to plan for their marriage as much as they do for their wedding.