Our Story

Colby and Amanda Taylor have been married for 12 years. They have 6 beautiful, loud, amazing, incredible children. Their oldest, Adelyn, is 9 and is the only girl with her 5 brothers, Colton, Caden, Asher, Hudson and Haddon.

Colby and Amanda are passionate about marriage and encouraging other couples to live out their Everyday Vows. In 2013, they went through a horrible season that tested their vow “in sickness and in health.” When Amanda was diagnosed with Postpartum Psychosis after the birth of their 4th child, they entered into an 18 month battle with this illness. Through the hardest season of their lives, they fought through the struggles and came out better on the other end. Now, they are passionate about giving other couples hope and challenging them to fight for their marriage.

You can find out more of our story here:

(video above from 2014. New video coming soon!)